ATTENTION MOLD BUYERS IN Alabama, Iowa, New Jersey, and Washington State!
My sales platform will be forced to collect sales tax for these four states. It looks like it will start around June 17th. I have no control over this, unfortunately. BONANZA will do this automatically on checkout, and the amount will vary with each state.
If you live in Alabama, Iowa, New Jersey, or Washington State and plan on ordering a mold, I suggest you do so in the next few days before this goes into effect. Other states may be affected later. I'm afraid this is the future for all on-line purchasing.

.54 Richmond Sharps Molds SOLD OUT!  Next batch expected in August 2019

.36 Richmond Laboratory molds back in stock

The .44 Johnston & Dow molds are in and selling fast

36 caliber Colt Cartridge Works molds are in with plenty on hand.

The .44 Colt Dragoon and Smith Carbine are available now.

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My sales page on Bonanza

Eras Gone Bullet Molds was began for a simple reason. I wanted an authentic conical shaped bullet to shoot in my Civil War black powder revolvers. The only other option for the cap & ball shooter is round balls or modern conical designs.

Set up fees for custom molds are expensive. So, to get the single mold I required, I had to buy at least 30 from a prominent mold maker to make the project affordable. I figure I could keep one, give one to my buddy who did the mold design drawings and sell off the other twenty-eight. When I announced the idea on the Black Powder Revolver Enthusiast Facebook page, the response was overwhelming. Many folks were also looking for what I desired, and in many other original designs and calibers too. So, the idea of selling molds for 19th Century muzzle loading bullets was born. I chose the name of my history and archaeology blog, “Eras Gone” for a company name.

All of our molds are $65 post paid and sold through our sales page on Bonanza.  This is a new sales venue similar to Ebay.  Our sales "booth" can be seen here:

Single molds can be mailed to most other counties for a total of $89.  Two molds can be provided for $155 shipped.  Please contact me directly for foreign sales.  So far I have shipped molds to the UK, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Canada, Spain, France, Serbia, Estonia, Czech Republic, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. 

Our molds are produced on a proprietary basis by LEE Precision and sold exclusively by Eras Gone Bullet Molds.  Each mold comes complete with handles and are ready to start casting!

Capandball (AKA Balazs Nemeh) shoots Eras Gone Colt .36 conicals in an original Remington Navy revolver.

See a review of the .36 Colt Cartridge Works bullet by Duke Frazier Productions:

Mike Beliveau of the (AKA Duelist1954 on YouTube) has produced an excellent video on casting the .44 Johnston & Dow bullets and making paper cartridges:

Mike Beliveau shoots paper cartridges made from the .44 Johnston & Dow bullets

Capandball (AKA Balazs Nemeh) has also reviewed the .44 Johnston and Dow.  Did you know he likes Remington Revolvers?


Mark Hubbs

Eras Gone Bullet Molds

As Seen in Guns of the Old West Magazine and Muzzleloader Magazine!